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How It Got Started

The Roots

Food is more than just medicine for the body, but for the mind and soul, too!  It’s the one thing that can unite us all, no matter who we are or where we live.  When we develop healthy eating habits as children, it sets the course for lifelong wellness.  Yet all parents know what a challenge this can be.  Happy Spoonfuls is here to make it easier by adding something exciting into the mix.

My name is Massimiliano Mirabella, and I launched this blog to help kids who may struggle with the same hardships I experienced in my youth.  I am a black Italian teenage male who grew up in Honduras, where life is full of intense threats and dangers.  In 2010, my father suddenly disappeared and was never seen again.  My mom had no choice but to rely on her inner strength and resilience to step up to the plate as a single parent.  Although she never expected this to happen, she knew her children relied on her.  Five years later, we relocated to Canada.  At an early age, I discovered the importance and meaningfulness of profound connections with friends and family – and I see food as one of the best tools for appreciating the joy that abounds in these relationships.  Family meals have always been one of the main things that helped me deal with life’s stressors and maintain balance in my childhood and adolescence, and now I hope to bestow these principles upon others.

I am deeply passionate about kids, nutrition, health, and wellness, which has inspired me to pursue an education and career in medicine as a pediatrician.  Cooking together as a family teaches kids to value these essential connections while also expanding their interests in food.  Through this blog, I’ll be sharing healthy recipes for kids, which are disguised in deliciousness.  After all, if it tastes good, who cares what it’s made out of, right?!  And that’s great news for little ones who fight the very idea of vegetables and nutritious ingredients.

Happy Spoonfuls motivates kids to embrace creativity, exploration, and wholesomeness where diet is concerned.  Together, we’re making the development of good eating habits fun!  Trying my family recipes regularly gives kiddos something to look forward to while also guiding them toward optimal health and wellness by balancing body, mind, and soul.  Stay tuned for the latest!

Poached Egg Sandwich
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